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Make Place is a coworking and innovation hub in the heart of Mandurah with the right balance of concentration and collaboration, work and play. It is a place for entrepreneurs, businesses and curious minds to connect, focus, work and grow.

Whether you need high speed internet, a boardroom with all the bells and whistles, or just a coffee and a place to think, Make Place has been designed as a space to make things happen.

As a charity, our profits go straight back into the community. The Make Place mission is to inspire ideas, cultivate capacity and advance action. This is done through initiatives that provide the environment, the tools, the connections and the space for businesses and people like you to move forward.

So, come by to experience our music events that often spill out onto our beloved laneway, hear a thought-provoking guest speaker tell their story, book into a business mentoring session… or even host your own event.

The tribe that look after Make Place call themselves The Makers. You’ll see Rhys, Karen, Marzel, Skipper and James up to Make Place mischief, as well working on other community and youth leadership projects. Find out what they’re up to here or drop by and say hello.

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